Thursday, January 8, 2015

Moon in Aquarius Famous People In History

One common Astrology position these famous people in history have in common is their Moon in Aquarius. Each one was doing things in which no one else at their time was able to do. They were visionaries and could bring in something that was sorta futuristic which is why they so easily gave a wow factor to the people in the generation they came into. All of them being ahead of their time were able to capture their audience and the world long after their death. They all had a way of "channeling" their creativity into their talents to bring something into the world that no one had seen thus bringing in worldly success and fame that no one else could compare to in the past or present.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sun Conjunct Mars in Birth Chart

Sun Conjunct Mars: Mars is the planet of known for being the god of war and violence. To understand Mars you must understand what Mars wants to do. Like a soldier going into battle, Mars wants to physically conquer his enemies. Mars can be most known for the masculine energy he brings. The Sun conjunct Mars person would be a natural at physical activities and sports. Mars here wants to be the best in whatever they do by going in physically and winning everything. If these energies are not used in a healthy productive way then they can bring anger or aggression problems most of the time. Another way this energy can manifest in a positive way is through giving someone a lot of courage and strong willed personality to fight for what is right or what they “think” is right. They also go for what they want in life and have strong drive toward obtaining it.

Lots of females with this conjunction have a masculine energy about them. Even if they are very feminine in nature, the females have a fierce soldier like mentality. Some like to explain it as “putting as dress on a soldier”. Males with this position often can be boxers, fighter, or athletes of all kinds. They go for what they want and usually win.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sun conjunct Mercury in Birth Chart

Sun and Mercury conjunction in a birth chart can give a person extra thinking abilities. They can be fast learners and a have sharp minds. They are also good at communication and expressing their thoughts into words. They have a way with explaining things with their words in ways other may not be able to as easily. Sometimes though this can make a person talk in a fast manner trying to convey all going on in their head. These people have something to say and most of time needs to be heard and received by others. If Sun or Mercury are either conjunct in the sign of Virgo or Gemini in a persons chart this would be even more so given that these signs are ruled by Mercury naturally. It can be helpful if these people to write sometimes, as this helps them focus and channel their words better.